engaged couple kissing in front of a subway in new york city

Iconic New York City Engagement Photos: Arielle and James

Engagement Session

Check out these stunning and iconic New York City engagement photos for all your city engagement session inspiration.

engaged couple kissing in front of a subway in new york city

Central Park Start

Our session started in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park. Nestled in the city’s midst, this park has been a cherished spot for Arielle and James. They share countless memories here, often strolling with their adorable dog, who, by the way, turned out to be quite the photogenic model. Central Park, with its lush greenery and tranquil spots, provided a picturesque setting for their session.

Rainy NYC Engagement Photos

However, the New York weather had other plans, and a sudden rain shower forced us to pause temporarily. No worries, though! Arielle and James used this time wisely, ensuring they looked their best for the next part of our session.

With rain still drizzling, we decided to capture some intimate moments at a nearby hotel. Arielle quickly refreshed her hair and makeup, and we resumed the shoot indoors. The hotel’s modern aesthetics added a touch of elegance to our collection.

New York Cityscape & Subway

As the weather cleared, we hopped on the subway to reach our next location. Here, we ventured into the vibrant city life and captured some fun shots against the subway’s urban backdrop. It was an opportunity to showcase the bustling energy of NYC.

Joe’s Pizza

The towering skyscrapers and iconic landmarks became part of their love story, captured in the photographs. But, amidst all this urban environment, we also savored a quintessential New York experience – a stop at Joe’s Pizza. The laughter, the shared slices, and the New York charm added a fun twist to our session.

NYC F.R.I.E.N.D.S Park

Now, here’s a little trivia: remember that park from the beloved TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Yes, the one where Ross, Rachel, and the gang had their unforgettable moments. Arielle and James got to walk the same streets and create their unique memories under the shimmering New York nightlife.

Engagement sessions are a beautiful way to capture your love story in the places that matter most to you. If you’re considering an NYC engagement session, I hope these photos provide inspiration for your own urban love story.

And if you’re looking to do a New York City engagement session, this gallery is all the inspiration you need!

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man and woman cuddling with dog at central park
engaged couple hugging at central park in new york city
new york city engagement session
engaged couple walking in new york city
engaged couple kissing in front of a subway in new york city
engaged couple eating pizza at pizza shop in new york city

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